What can we help you with?
Financial Literacy
1、Borrow only what you can repay
A:Make sure you uderstand exactly what it means if you borrow money.You must ask the creditor to give you all the information.The creditor must give you all the infromation in language you can understand.
2、Before you borrow money
A:Remember it is cheaper to repay loans over a shorter period,Ask what the interest rate is and work out what this means for you.
3、Budget for repayments
A: Pay debts on time.tell your creditor if you cannot pay and make a new arrangement with your creditor.
4、Keep your Pin Private
A:Never give your details over the phone unless you called the person or know exactly who you are talking to.
Loan offers
1、 What is Zashloan?
A:Zashloan is a smartphone app, which allows anyone with an android smartphone to apply for a loan.
2、How to apply for a Zashloan?
A:To apply for a Zashloan, Download the Zashloan and go through the loan application process.The whole application process should only take few minutes.This process is absolutely FREE.
3、How fast can I get a loan?
A:Once you are approved for a loan it is instantly sent to your M-Pesa account.
4、How much can I borrow?
A:First loans range from Ksh 500 and can grow up to Ksh 50,000 as you pay back your loans.
5、How fast can my loan limit increase?
A:To increase your loan limit kindly ensure you make early or on-time payments. However, because we consider many factors when determining your loan limit, we cannot guarantee that your loan limit will increase and by how much.
6、What information do I need to provide?
A:Simply follow the instructions by answering all the questions as asked.Make sure to provide authentic information about yourself.
7、How do you use the answers I give in the loan application?
A:Zash uses your answers to the loan application questions as one component of determining eligibility for a Zashloan.
8、Why was my loan not approved?
A:Zashloan uses data from your phone including your handset details and financial transactions messages and your reason for borrowing.We combinethis with your Zashloan repayment history to build an individualised credit score and determine the loan offer suitable for you.
9、My Loan was approved but I didn't get my money?
A:When this happens please check your M-Pesa acc balance to see if the amount has already been credited sometimes there can be a delay. Also, please contact cs@Zashloan.com to enquire.
10、How can I reset or change my PIN?
A:On the log in page click on Forget password and input the mobile number you registered with then type the verification text given and submit. You will receive another verification code(OTP number) on SMS input the code and select new password of your choice then submit.
Loan Repayment
1、 How can I repay my loan?
A:You repay the loan by sending the total amount due to our M-Pesa pay bill no. 733555 and input your mobile number as the account number.You can also repay your loan through the Zashloan App on your phone.
2、Can I pay a loan on behalf of someone else?
A:Yes,you can,through the M-pesa Paybill and the account number being the mobile number of the person who took the loan.
3、What happens if I pay my loan late?
A:late loan repayments automatically incure a late fee of 2.5% per day.It is therfore advised thet one does not exceed the repayment period.
4、How do I bounce back after being late on a loan?
A:For a Loan that has been overdue for a loan time, The customer can try applying for a loan after some period of 1 week.
5、What happens if I overpay my loan?
A:After reconciliation of all payments,excess funds will be reversed to your M-pesa account within 7 days or used to offset current loan.
Extension and promotions
1、What is repayment extension?
A:The repayment extension is for users who have a loan which is due but they are not able to fully pay the loan on time.
2、How does extension work?
A:You will request for the extension by contacting us to open extension.After we open extension, you must login to the app, and apply for extension on the home page and pay the extension fee within 24 hrs.
3、Will the loan attract penalties once I extend my loan?
A:No, the loan won't be charged overdue fee for the period of extension and we will not start collection process until the end of the extension period.
4、How long is the extension period?
A:The extension equals the number of days that the loan was originally given.
5、What is repayment coupon?How can I use repayment coupon?
A:It is a copon used to reduce your total amount to be paid.Select one of the repayment coupons you have when you apply for a loan.You repayment amount will be automatically reduced for this time.Please note that the coupons need to be used before expiration.
6、What is borrow coupon?How can I use borrow coupon?
A:It is a coupon used to increase your total amout that you can get when you apply for a loan.Select one of the borrow coupons you have when you apply foe a loan.You borrow amount will be automatically increased for this time.Please note that the coupons need to be used before expiration.
7、How do I check all the coupons I have?
A:You can check all your coupons through the 'Bonus' page.
8、How many coupons can I use at a time?
A:You can only use one coupon at a time.
9、How long do the coupons last?
A:Each coupon has its own timeframe contact us for more details on a specific coupon.
10、Who qualifies to use the coupon?
A:Registered users who meet terms & conditions of the promotion.